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IT’S A SHED! A £350,000 SHED!

Yes, you too can get yourself your very own shed and it’ll only cost about £350,000.

Found on Rightmove, this property has been described as a “bright studio flat” with a “smart kitchen” and “shower room” but in all honesty, let’s be real it may be made out of brick but it is still a shed. Where is it located you ask? Bethnal Green of course! Home to art students, art graduates and just all round confused souls but at least there are cat cafés and about a thousand and one places to buy a sari.

Have you been sold yet? No? Well maybe the fact that there are a hundred pubs for you to drown your self-pity in alcohol helps but beware, some of them may look like good old fashion boozers but are actually hosts to food pop-ups and £6 pints. The Museum of Childhood is nice though, I suppose although, how many times can you look at the same old toys without wanting to spoon your own eyeballs out?

Go ahead, keep working. Work for an entire lifetime. Work hard so one day; you too can afford this charming “studio flat” with its tiny door, tiny sink and shower arrangement.



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American conceptual artist Tom Burr will be the first artist to showcase a solo exhibit at the Maureen Paley gallery, which has previously showcased works from Wolfgang Tillmans and more.

Previously, Tom Burr’s sculptures, writing, collage and photography have tended to focus on the concepts of access, site-specificity, the confluence of public and private environments as well as the constructed persona.

His current showcase, “stages” that takes place from the 2nd of July to the 23rd of July 2017 will reference Robert Smithson’s concept of ‘non-site’. His work will have a “dialectical relationship to the Breuer building as a situation and an extension of the ‘body/building’” model he is working through. Like much of his other collage work, the pieces in this exhibit will “oscillate between image and formal material arrangements”.

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Fashion by Nature


Morning Gloryville Turns Four!


Morning Gloryville will be celebrating its fourth birthday this Thursday, hosting a beach party at Brixton Rooftop, starting at 7am. If you’ve never heard of it before, Morning Gloryville is a sober morning dance party that invites everyone and anyone to dance and start their day with positivity and love.

Since its launch in May 2013 in London, the party has spread across the world to Tokyo, Rome, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Morocco, India, New York and is now at the forefront of conscious clubbing. Usually its East London morning raves are hosted at one of its original venues, Bethnal Green’s Oval Space. For students and professionals who work full time, dancing sober before heading into work/class is a healthy alternative to destress than going out clubbing and taking substances that’ll probably leave them hungover/on a come down the next day.

Partygoers are greeted by hugs at the door and welcomed into the event. They then enter a decorated space full of colour and glitter, matching the attire of other guests on the dancefloor. When they’re not dancing to music provided by top DJ’s, guests can go grab a coffee or smoothie or even go and do some yoga in an area provided.

Shaft Uddin is the founding father of ‘The Fabulus of unicorns’, a group of performers that work with Morning Gloryville in leading the glampede in the conscious clubbing revolution. Shaft told us about the benefits of starting your day with dance:

“When I used to work in advertising as a Senior Art Director, I was actually more productive at work when I rocked up still covered in glitter. As I always say ‘We don’t sweat we sparkle’. It is by far the best way to start the day, more energy, more fun, more connection. You’ve already done all the things people wait 5 days to do on the weekend minus the hang over. What’s not to like! And this is sooooo different to my break dancing days. This is freedom like no other. They say ‘Dance like no one’s watching’ and this is what we do. But I also like to dance like every one’s watching! Oh, the paradox! And all the looks you get from all the people dressed in grey. It’s really hard to blend in when you were born to sparkle!”

Past birthdays have featured surprise performances from the likes of Fatboy Slim and Rudimental. So, this year’s party is expected to be even bigger.

If you’re intrigued about attending Morning Gloryville, check out the videos  to get a taste of what it’s like and see Shaft explain the Gloryville Effect.


One of the Most Important Museum Events You Attend this Year will be at a Children’s Museum

While the V&A you know in Kensington is opening an exhibit on Balenciaga, the V&A Museum of Childhood is having a day celebrating refugee week.

The V&M Museum of Childhood, as part of the Centre for Childhood Cultures in partnership with the Queen Mary University of London’s CritiQues project on ‘Home for Refugee Children, is hosting a full day event where both children and adults can learn about current refugee issues.

The event is in celebration of refugee week that is occurring in the UK from the 19th to the 25th of June.

It is the children’s museum that is willing to take on the topical issue through a day of performance, film screenings, and discussion. Not to mention it is completely free, even if you’re over the age of 15.

Yes, there may be a tea and cake break and hosted in a museum that has a craft room but this is not an event just for the kiddos.

Expect an eye-opening day, as stories of refugee life are told through the eyes and memories of children using film and interactive presentation.

The day ends with a panel discussion with the filmmakers and producers of the works shown earlier in the day, a policy advisor, and an adolescent psychiatrist.


East End Film Festival

The East End Film Festival returns to Bethnal Green this summer for its sixth consecutive showing, but this year shakes up its schedule.

 The festival, which was founded by local independent cinema owner Tyrone Walker-Hebborn, celebrates British and international filmmaking on screens across Bethnal Green, Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets. Walker Hebborn has championed British independent film for close to two decades at his cinema Genesis, situated on Mile End Road, and spoke to us about how supporting local films, filmmakers and cinemas can in turn help the local area.

 “I think that the East End Film Festival positively impacts the area because it’s exciting, it’s vibrant, it showcases that we are a very open and welcoming part of London and also showcases entrepreneurs in film as well, and just gets people talking about East London in a positive way.”

 For the first time in the festival’s history, films will be shown across five themed weekends in June and July. Our favourite? From 8th-11th June cinemas across the East End will be hosting East End Roots, engaging with diverse audiences through film and opening a dialogue celebrating the history and communities of the East End. Films showing this week will include I, Daniel Blake director Ken Loach’s documentary on the founding of the NHS, Ron Scallepo’s biopic of infamous Hoxton boxer Lenny McLean and Hackney-based Iraqi director Mutana Al-Rubaye’s touching story of a Syrian musician turned refugee.

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